Writer’s Block

April 12, 2016 by TDLP

Told from a giant 3D book, the Storybuilder is excited to share a new story with the children but he keeps getting stuck, getting writer’s block, and his inspiration needs the children’s help with new ideas to move his story on.

Using books, pictures, household objects, games with word blocks and story maps, the participating audience is introduced to inspiring new ways to start, structure and share stories. The children are encouraged to explore vocabulary, sentence structure and phonics through song, movement and play.

Writers Block inspires schools, teachers, families and children to build new relationships to books, words, stories and libraries.
Given the right inspiration, tools and starting points anyone can be confident to create a story. Stories can be told and recorded in many ways – this interactive adventure allows families to experience language and stories in a very physical way that can be inclusive of all languages, cultural responses and supports the belief that anyone can create and tell a story! The show builds confidence with language through gross and fine motor skill development in preparation for reading and writing.

Writers Block supports Early Year Foundation Stage prime areas of learning and their goals especially in the following: Communication and Language, Physical Development, Personal, Social & Emotional, Literacy, Understanding the world, Maths, Expressive Arts.

Age guidance: 3-6 years

Previously performed at Vicarage Primary School, Newham Libraries, Stratford Circus

Arts Council Funded

Everything TDLP creates is bespoke for your venue and needs.

To book the Writer’s Block or for more information contact: Sally-Anne Donaldson, sally@tdlp.co.uk  – 07817 176018

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