What is time?

February 19, 2015 by TDLP

Take a journey through time!

How was time created?  Meet a Pixie in our garden exploring the four seasons and four elements. Use a giant compass to help find the key to unlocking the time hole.  Grab your goggles and Travel through the time wall into the future.  Meet the Timekeeper and conduct experiments to recreate the Big Bang and solve clues to tell if we are in the past, present or future in the TimeLab.

A fantastic introduction to time.  Explore the history of time here and link time to seasons, light change, history and future.  Discover how time ticks by naturally outdoors and how time is constructed. An immersive event ideal for a quirky space and for all the family.

Age guidance: 2-8 years

Previously performed at Stratford Circus Arts Centre

Everything TDLP creates is bespoke for your venue and needs.

To book What’s the time or for more information contact: Sally-Anne Donaldson, sally@tdlp.co.uk  – 07817 176018

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