A visit from the Tooth Fairy

May 09, 2016 by TDLP

For nurseries and children’s centres

The Tooth Fairies fly in to check on all those teeth, sharing their favourite tooth brushing song, the secret ingredients of fairy paste and the real story of the Tooth Fairies.

Tooth Fairies are always keen to find out how many times a day children brush their teeth, for how long and how they do it.  Are we eating the right foods for our teeth? Do we know which foods are good for growing, healthy teeth?

We support families and nursery staff with reducing the stress of tooth brushing, particularly for children that do not like a toothbrush in their mouth.

Our specially designed and tailored interactive stories, songs and resources including the REAL story of Fairy Land, how to fight the Gum Bums (food bacteria) and how to make Fairy Paste (NHS guideline toothpaste), fire children’s imaginations.  Families and children help find the secret ingredients for Fairy paste, practice fighting Gum Bums and decorate their very own Fairy paste to take home.

Our playful solutions resource families and nursery staff to improve tooth brushing and dental care at home or in their setting.


Parents say:

‘My daughter is totally committed and wants to make the Tooth Fairy pleased’

‘The song helps and the special fairy paste as well. At least he now lets me try to brush his teeth for him a bit longer’.

‘We now brush twice a day (morning and night).’

Nursery Staff say:

“The Tooth Fairy project helps us (the staff) link into our own creativity and play”.

– Deborah Kukathas, Deputy Head of Early Years Education at Coin Street

Local Dentist says:

“An innovative project that has an impact on children’s lives and benefits their health and well-being…it will have a positive knock-on economic effect for the future”.

Age guidance: 3-4 years

Previously performed at Coin Street Neighbourhood Centre Nursery, Honor Oak Dental Practise

Arts Council Funded

Everything TDLP creates is bespoke for your venue and needs.

To book a Tooth Fairy visit or for more information contact: Sally-Anne Donaldson, sally@tdlp.co.uk  – 07817 176018


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