The World Beyond the Wardrobe

March 23, 2016 by TDLP

A Narnia-inspired interactive experience for families.

The World Beyond the Wardrobe is full of chills, mystery and magic.  An immersive theatre event ideal for alternative grotto-style spaces.  Up to three small audiences are in the world at one time greeted and guided by the characters of the White Queen, a Faun and a Lion.

Greeted by an elf, accept the challenge and step through the wardrobe; experience a sensory world of colour, smell, warmth and chills. But remember, you will have to return to the real world…

Your challenge: to bring colour back into this forever snowy world in time for Christmas.  Expect to find yourself strolling through a winter forest, drinking tea with a faun, disguising yourself to creep past the White Queen before she turns you to stone and hunting for the only one who can bring colour back deep inside a forest.

Age guidance: 3-12

Previously performed at Stratford Circus, Winterville Festival, Horniman Museum, Dalmain School, Sandhurst School

Everything TDLP creates is bespoke for your venue and needs.

To book the World Beyond the Wardrobe for more information contact: Sally-Anne Donaldson,  – 07817 176018

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