Punk It Up!

October 05, 2019 by TDLP

An interactive musical journey through time from Victorian Era to the future of Steam Punk!

Get your time-travelling goggles ready!

Be transported on a musical time-travelling journey from the Victorian era into the future. Experience the sounds of the cello and the clarinet, immerse yourself in an eclectic mixture of London sounds and get hands-on with our experiment – contribute your unique sound to our original live mixed performance.

“Our kids should be introduced to this kind of live music as young as possible – I’m so bored of nursery rhymes! This is like classical meets Kraftwerk – bring it on!”.
A dancing dad, Museum of London

“The performances were totally different from anything we’ve done before. From an early years perspective, it is sometimes challenging to find artists who can engage effectively with such a young audience but you all had such a wonderful nature with the families.”
Victoria Smith, Museum of London

Age guidance: under 5 years old

Commissioned by and performed at Museum of London for Sound Unbound Festival 2019.

Everything TDLP creates is bespoke for your venue and needs.

To book or for more information contact: Sally-Anne Donaldson, sally@tdlp.co.uk  – 07817 176018

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