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May 09, 2021 by TDLP

We have teamed up with leading escape room designers, Modern Fables to bring cultural, historical buildings, and family events INTERACTIVE ENGAGEMENT activities versatile for any lockdown eventuality.

Both our successful production companies, usually running interactive events and escape rooms across London, hit lockdown head-on, determined not to let the pandemic crush 10 years of successful events and community engagement activities.

Many of our partners spanning theatres, museums, festivals, and historical buildings across London and surrounding counties have been so hard hit it’s difficult to imagine how we can all surface from this and plan for the future. Certainly commissioning organisations like ours will be difficult as it feels like such a gamble of an investment if a live event can’t go ahead.

Don’t despair! Look at what we achieved for independent Trust, Severndroog Castle, in Greenwich.

Modern Fables and TDLP came together to help Severndroog Castle, threatened with closure due to the pandemic, provide family activity online and outdoors throughout 3 lockdowns!

Throughout 2020 we worked with the Foley nestled in the heart of Greenwich’s fine Oxlea Woods. Awarded emergency cash from Arts Council England, we were determined to continue our great work with cultural venues seeing easily how we could translate our live activity into virtual and safe small group activities.

We were at the beginning stages of discussing a bespoke Escape Room for Severndroog Castle in early 2020 when the pandemic hit. What we ended up doing was designing a full programme that was versatile and robust enough to provide activity for families whatever the lockdown situation.

Guardians of SLORE, a 5-episode do-it-from home escape room style sci-fi story, was downloaded 500+ times in 2020. Short youtube videos by the character Count Silvester of Severndroog introduced each episode with updated stories of intergalactic travel and missions to complete and make at home.

Guardians of SLORE was released as an event by Severndroog Castle, Modern Fables, and TDLP via Facebook throughout Summer 2020 and featured as the main activity in Severndroog’s summer online festival.

Severndroog Castle Outdoor Escape Trail is sold online and in the castle’s Tea Room for £7.99 (family pack).
It’s a magical trail around Castle Woods for families. With a map of natural landmarks (that may not be quite what they seem) your team is quested with finding intergalactic vessels, hidden portals, and solving physical puzzles in order to help Count Silvester of Severndroog launch his “Tardis”.

Recently Count Silvester of Severndroog opened his Tardis door for Laura’s 10th birthday party. Count Silvester introduced the bubble teams of 6 to their mission, they set off with a trail pack each and returned with completed ignition panels to help the Count take off. In return, the Count rewarded them with a keepsake key to the gates of SLORE!

The Ghost of Severndroog, an escape room adventure throughout the castle has been originally written and designed for Severndroog Castle by top interactive event producers, Jay Harris and Sally-Anne Donaldson. Based on the history of the castle, escape room participants unlock a story with a twist that explores heritage, black history, and mystery. A live storyteller, known as Keeper of the Keys, lets you in and you have one hour to solved the mystery and lay the Ghost of Severndroog to rest. There is something for everyone – you’ll be puzzled by maps, codes, and secret hiding places.

Designing for a heritage building is no easy task. Severndroog needed an escape room that could be set up and put away within a day and work around other bookings, such as weddings that generate important income. This has become our specialty; bespoke designing for unique spaces that need special consideration around heritage sites and wider programming.

“We’ve loved writing and designing for Severndroog. Working with unique spaces like this brings its challenges: protecting the building and its artifacts, finding keys to doors that have been lost for decades, working with nooks and crannies, working out how audiences can move freely and safely around turrets and one-way staircases – but look at these differently and you won’t see an obstacle you’ll see an opportunity. We love buildings like this; rich in story where every picture, doorway, or gargoyle can become a secret key to unlock”.
Producer Sally-Anne Donaldson

So here we are with our new offer for heritage, museums, festivals, community organisations, and unique spaces. For us, it’s about building long-term relationships and business plans together that not only design you bespoke creative activity that engages with your community and realises your programming potential but also have robust financial plans that can generate your income. Alongside creating your event, we help you plan a daily schedule, train staff, and maintain your bespoke activities.

We also run design workshops that involve your community, particularly young people and apprentices, in creating your events.
So whether you need indoor, outdoor, or virtual activity, bespoke to your venue and your space contact us for a creative chat at or

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