Kids AT Work

Invite kids to work for the day and do it the TDLP way!

  • Transform your space for "Family day"

Introducing….. Kids AT Work Day!

Its time to celebrate parenthood at work!

It’s time kids knew what their parents do and improve those dinner conversations when kids ask “what have you been up to all day?”

TDLP’s new programme for businesses creates family friendly work environments and social events for all occasions. Kids AT Work can operate onsite in your business environment or locally. TDLP will work with you to design a programme that takes the heart of your business and turns it into family friendly activities connecting kids to their parent’s everyday work lives.

So whether you want to celebrate Kids AT Work like Hogarth or create a family friendly seasonal offer such as a Christmas Party or launch of a new product, TDLP can help you.

“This was one of the best organised events I’ve seen that really bought parents and children together. I saw employees chatting across teams and families fully engaged in play and exploring the building. I hope this can be a regular event going forward as part of our Wellbeing Strategy to support working parents”
Osman Gani, Global Head of Digital

Kids AT Work @ Hogarth 2019

Why invest in Kids AT Work!

If understanding and improving employees health and wellbeing is at the heart of your wellbeing strategy then Kids AT Work is a great way to explore how to instigate a better understanding of what parents need. Parents represent 40% of a typical large London business. Having an employer that not only understands the pressures and stress of working and parenting at the same time but also responds with organising activities that celebrate family life can only reduce stress and increase happiness.


Parents & Families:
• Kids get first-hand experience of what their parents do at work which means families can chat more about their day with greater understanding
• Kids get to take part in educational and social activities inspired by the environment and content of the business, which are carefully designed and delivered by TDLP artists.

• Employers have a better understanding of their employee’s home life and can open up discourse around how to support further

• Parents connect with other parents which they wouldn’t normally meet on a day to day basis
• Employees without children get to volunteer their time to run workshops or support TDLP activities

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