Outdoor Story Maps parties for Age 5+ and more!

Celebrate with us! Our original parties promote imaginative play and creativity!

Have a blast with our Story Maps party package with everything you need to run your own party from one of our story locations!

Manage your own party or book a TDLP storyteller to lead your event! You can choose one or more of our popular characters to lead your fun-packed party or contact us for something bespoke.

Choose your next family memory!

Severndroog Castle Outdoor Escape Trail

Take the kids on a celebratory outdoor adventure!
Help Count Silvester of Severndroog, by working as a team to complete a series of mini-missions around Castle Woods. Use Count Silverster’s map and guide of intriguing landmarks to help him teleport his Tardis, Severndroog Castle, back to his home planet, SLORE.

>> Meet Count Silvester of Severndroog and hear his story before you go on your mission!
>> Click HERE to see what’s inside the Mission Pack

Email or call at 07817176018 to book.

The Ghost of Greenwich: A Mystery History Trail

Get the kids on a party pursuit of the centre of time on top of a hill and hunt for the hidden depths of a ghostly crypt.
Told by the 2000-year-old Ghost of Greenwich you can experience Greenwich through his encounters with Henry VIII, aboard the Cutty Sark and alongside Nelson in the Battle of Trafalgar. Discover famous landmarks, listen to stories and complete mini-missions and fun activities that mix the past, present and future of this rich royal borough of London.
>> Discover what’s inside the pack HERE

Email or call at 07817176018 to book.


If you need any further help with kids parties:

  • For 0-9s we provide children’s activities for birthdays, weddings, baby showers and special events where you need top quality, age-appropriate, artist-led entertainment.
  • For Age 9+ we work with various locations throughout London to provide exciting and unique adventures.

  • We can also support with:

  • Party Planning – a fun design meeting to brainstorm your party theme, party games and how to prepare
  • Party Design – a bespoke party plan you can deliver
  • Party Hosting – a storyteller will host your virtual bespoke party

  • The Canary of the Wharf: A Mystery History Family Trail

    Location: Canary Wharf, Duration: 1 hour, Age:: 5+

    This mystery history family trail will take you on an adventure around Canary Wharf’s open spaces. Following an audio guide and brightly coloured canary bird, the trail will help you discover nature in the middle of the city and see history nestled amidst skyscrapers. You’ll meet a giant made of bronze, decode some mysterious clocks, and find a building floating in the sky. Follow the activity sheet to keep track of the mission!

    The trail will begin in Crossrail Place Roof Garden and end in Jubilee Park. Along the way, kids will complete various tasks and activities.

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