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More Play, Less Stress

‘We can’t stop singing that toilet sailor song since you visited. He’s really good now and uses the toilet whenever he needs it.”
– Barbara, mum of two

Toothbrushing Tantrums? Toilet Training Accidents? Fussy Eaters? Look no further
Live artists visit family homes, tackling stressful moments with under 5’s head on!

Tooth Fairies, Toilet Sailors, Play Inspectors and Creative Chefs knock on doors offering playful, fun and inspiring support for families. We advise you first, to book a play consultation involving den building, a treasure hunt and picnic so we can get to know you and your home and discuss areas of daily life causing you stress.

Note: During Covid-19 lockdown we are offering online Creative Homes consultations and sessions, alongside parties and small group storytelling sessions, at discounted prices and donations until we can return to family homes.

Our Characters

At Creative Homes we treat every family as individual. That’s why we always begin with a play consultation in your home to get to know you and your space. Together we will identify and discuss areas of daily life that are causing you stress with your little ones and offer you a tailored, playful experience to tackle this head on. All our live characters that visit your home have been developed in partnership with families in homes, responding to real need and real life issues.

The Creative Chef

Have you got problems with fussy eaters? Our Creative Chef is on hand to get your whole family thinking about different foods and making healthy mealtimes fun.

The Toilet Training Sailor

Need help getting out of nappies? The Toilet Training Sailor knows playful ways to get your little one using the toilet.

The Tooth Fairy

Having trouble getting your little ones to brush their teeth? A visit from the Tooth Fairy helps calm toothbrushing tantrums and establish a routine for good oral hygiene.

The Play Inspector

Need inspiration for ways to play at home? The Play Inspector can help your family enjoy time at home in new and creative ways.

The Clutter Inspector

Are you overloaded with mess and clutter? The Clutter Inspector can help your family share small spaces by creating multifunctional rooms with more space to play.

Baby Movement

Our baby movement sessions help strengthen attachment between baby, parent and wider family as well as increase physical activity and improve physical and mental development through movement, music and multi-sensory play.

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