Our range of activities

At TDLP we work closely with commissioners to create enjoyable and lasting experiences for families with young children, wherever they find us. We do this in a variety of ways, from shows to workshops to interactive installations and more. We work with a wide range of venues and partners and are always excited to hear from new commissioners.


Everything TDLP creates is about family interaction. Whether you are a museum wanting to bring a collection to life, a theatre wanting to fill a quirky space with an immersive experience, a show or film needing wrap around entertainment – if its families you want to engage, a TDLP adventure is what you need.

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Looking for something a little different for this year’s seasonal celebrations. From Halloween parties to Breakfast with Santa we create bespoke for your seasonal needs.

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Inspired by our first work “A Hawks Tale” originally composed and dramatised by TDLP in partnership with London Symphony Orchestra, we write interactive concerts for families with young children. A wonderful introduction to classical and world music and live instruments.  Our concerts become full-day events with movement, craft and composition workshops lead by characters and musicians.

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From a private birthday party to your corporate Christmas family, we do have the party for you!

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We believe that creative play, music and movement are imperative to a young child’s learning experience. We work with schools and libraries to help children explore new ways of learning with a particular focus on nurseries and transition into KS1.

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Festivals and outdoor events are our favourites!  Love to add the challenge of British weather to our work! We transform spaces in parks, forests and gardens into Dinosaur Lands, Troll Dwellings or Treasure Hunts with the Tea Ladies. We provide family activities for sporting and cultural events.

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Creative Homes

Creative Homes support families with playful solutions reducing daily stress at home. From tooth brushing to healthy eating, toilet training to reducing mess and clutter, we give families a helping hand towards building lasting positive routines at home.  We also provide nurseries with playful visits from the Tooth Fairy and Toilet Sailor supporting staff, parents and carers to build healthy routines around tooth brushing and toilet training.

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