Arts Cafe

May 09, 2019

The only café in town that serves art instead of food! An interactive workshop that explores sound and the alphabet through an engaging theme and story. Young children and families are led on a journey, through a menu of starters, main course and dessert. Story, song, games, sound, rhythm, movement and making encourage everyone to […]

Immersive Science

April 28, 2019

What is Time? Extreme Water! Meet the Fatberg! TDLP create interactive workshops and performances in partnership with nurseries, schools, libraries and museums.  We deliver one-day events through to custom-written installations that provide unique approaches and a creative curriculum, often designed with teachers and education teams. Previously worked with:  Horniman Museum, Museum of London, Vicarage Primary […]

A visit from the Tooth Fairy

May 09, 2016

For nurseries and children’s centres The Tooth Fairies fly in to check on all those teeth, sharing their favourite tooth brushing song, the secret ingredients of fairy paste and the real story of the Tooth Fairies. Tooth Fairies are always keen to find out how many times a day children brush their teeth, for how […]

Writer’s Block

April 12, 2016

Told from a giant 3D book, the Storybuilder is excited to share a new story with the children but he keeps getting stuck, getting writer’s block, and his inspiration needs the children’s help with new ideas to move his story on. Using books, pictures, household objects, games with word blocks and story maps, the participating audience is introduced to […]

Extreme Water

June 02, 2015

Extremely splashing water experience An interactive adventure through sound, movement and water! Explore the water cycle with the ‘Water-Sperts’. Join us on a mission to kick-start the water cycle by carrying ice to the top of the mountain. On route, you will be bombarded with all kinds of extreme water weather from all over the […]

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