A Christmas Carol

February 02, 2018

An immersive family version of this classic Victorian tale Can you help turn Scrooge’s frown upside down?  Enjoy this promenade and immersive tale ideal for museums and unique spaces for family audiences. Characters lead families through interactive scenes across the whole venue where they can enjoy the spaces, the traditional story and interact with musical […]

The World Beyond the Wardrobe

March 23, 2016

A Narnia-inspired interactive experience for families. The World Beyond the Wardrobe is full of chills, mystery and magic.  An immersive theatre event ideal for alternative grotto-style spaces.  Up to three small audiences are in the world at one time greeted and guided by the characters of the White Queen, a Faun and a Lion. Greeted […]

The Ultimate Christmas Party

February 19, 2015

Have an amazing party this Christmas together with Santa, Head Elf and the Christmas Fairy. With Head Elf putting the factory on strike and the Christmas Fairy forever falling off the Christmas tree how on earth is Santa going to pull it all together this year? This interactive Christmas experience invites families to celebrate through an […]

Breakfast with Santa

February 17, 2015

Santa has to eat before the big night! Make your Christmas even more special this year and have breakfast with Santa and his elves. Prepare a traditional Lapland breakfast with Mary Christmas: stir porridge; create open cheese ham and cucumber stars sandwiches topped off with breakfast dessert of fresh berry yoghurt and chocolate treats. But […]

Halloween Party

February 17, 2015

The Inventor has set up his laboratory and is ready to perform some explosive goo experiments. Meanwhile, the Witch and Wizard have flown right around the world to enchant their young audience with slime and spells. Help them fill their bubbling cauldron and concoct a magic surprise snack for everyone. This is one Halloween treat you won’t want to miss! […]

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