Treasure Hunt with the Tea Ladies

April 28, 2019

Join the slightly dotty Tea Ladies on their adventure to find the new secret ingredient for their mud tea.  Treasure hunt in nature, stir the pot of mud tea and celebrate with a good old-fashioned tea party. Ideal for outdoor spaces, nature gardens, local fairs and community events. Age guidance: 0 – 12 years Everything TDLP […]


December 11, 2015

Venture into a dinosaur world with erupting volcanoes, dark caves, rushing waterfalls and fossils dating back millions of years.  There is so much to learn from dinosaurs. They survived some of the most extreme conditions! Our musical palaeontologistsshare some crucial survival techniques: dodging volcanic lava, what to do if you are close to a dinosaur […]

Fairs, Festivals and Wrap Around activities

February 18, 2015

We provide fairs and festivals with family activities all year around.  We have organised treasure hunts and spy challenges in the woods through to full installations for troll hunts and winter wonderlands. Our Brilliant Trilliant Tea Tent is ideal for any festival with ongoing activities through the day specifically for under 5’s.  We have the […]

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