Punk It Up!

October 05, 2019

An interactive musical journey through time from Victorian Era to the future of Steam Punk! Get your time-travelling goggles ready! Be transported on a musical time-travelling journey from the Victorian era into the future. Experience the sounds of the cello and the clarinet, immerse yourself in an eclectic mixture of London sounds and get hands-on […]

The Hawk’s Tale

February 07, 2017

The Hawk’s Tale invites families to create patterns, make music using instruments and percussion and explore different emotions, from the excitement of the dragon’s flight to the danger of the night-watch beetle’s approach. Together you will experience new and exciting ways to listen to and appreciate music and the day rounds off with an interactive concert!  […]

The Willow Pattern

February 19, 2015

The Willow Pattern is a famous blue and white pattern that was invented in England in the 18th Century, inspired by Chinese designs and used on ceramics like plates, cups, jugs and vases.  The story depicted in the design is dramatic and exciting. TDLP originally collaborated with the Families team at the V&A to bring […]

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