Pyjama Party

February 06, 2017

A creative, interactive experience exploring bedtime. Bath, brush, bounce, bed! It’s the new bedtime routine with a difference. Bring your pyjamas, your slippers and your favourite teddy for an exciting adventure in our oversized bedroom full of duvets, pillows and feathers! After acrobatic bed bouncing get ready for the magical story of the Moth and the […]

A visit from the Tooth Fairy

May 09, 2016

For nurseries and children’s centres The Tooth Fairies fly in to check on all those teeth, sharing their favourite tooth brushing song, the secret ingredients of fairy paste and the real story of the Tooth Fairies. Tooth Fairies are always keen to find out how many times a day children brush their teeth, for how […]

Writer’s Block

April 12, 2016

Told from a giant 3D book, the Storybuilder is excited to share a new story with the children but he keeps getting stuck, getting writer’s block, and his inspiration needs the children’s help with new ideas to move his story on. Using books, pictures, household objects, games with word blocks and story maps, the participating audience is introduced to […]

The World Beyond the Wardrobe

March 23, 2016

A Narnia-inspired interactive experience for families. The World Beyond the Wardrobe is full of chills, mystery and magic.  An immersive theatre event ideal for alternative grotto-style spaces.  Up to three small audiences are in the world at one time greeted and guided by the characters of the White Queen, a Faun and a Lion. Greeted […]


December 11, 2015

Venture into a dinosaur world with erupting volcanoes, dark caves, rushing waterfalls and fossils dating back millions of years.  There is so much to learn from dinosaurs. They survived some of the most extreme conditions! Our musical palaeontologistsshare some crucial survival techniques: dodging volcanic lava, what to do if you are close to a dinosaur […]

It’s A-Maze In….

September 05, 2015

A giant interactive maze that explores the inside worlds, from under the sea to a beehive.  The maze includes interactive AV and sound as families explore the maze at their own pace. It’s A-MAZE-IN under the sea! Shipwrecked and covered in seaweed the deep sea divers prepare to dive down deep to discover a new […]

Old Father Thames

June 30, 2015

The story of the Thames told by the river spirits! The Thames has a rich history full of treasures, spirit and sewage!  Join Old Father Thames in an interactive storytelling adventure ideal for indoors, outdoors and ideally by the river!  Meet Goddess Isis known to have blessed the river over the centuries – though she […]

Extreme Water

June 02, 2015

Extremely splashing water experience An interactive adventure through sound, movement and water! Explore the water cycle with the ‘Water-Sperts’. Join us on a mission to kick-start the water cycle by carrying ice to the top of the mountain. On route, you will be bombarded with all kinds of extreme water weather from all over the […]

Having a party?

March 17, 2015

Getting ready for party and need some TDLP sparkle? From Dinosaurs to Royals,  from magical Fairies to swashbuckling Pirates. We have got a party for you!  Magical Parties: Fairies, Pixies, Trolls, Dragons, Mermaids, Witches & Wizards! Royal Parties: Princesses, Princes, Knights, Dragons & the Snow Queen Adventure Parties: Dinosaurs, Pirates, Transport, Superheroes, Spy Seasonal Parties: Celebrating Winter & Christmas, Halloween […]

The Willow Pattern

February 19, 2015

The Willow Pattern is a famous blue and white pattern that was invented in England in the 18th Century, inspired by Chinese designs and used on ceramics like plates, cups, jugs and vases.  The story depicted in the design is dramatic and exciting. TDLP originally collaborated with the Families team at the V&A to bring […]

What is time?

February 19, 2015

Take a journey through time! How was time created?  Meet a Pixie in our garden exploring the four seasons and four elements. Use a giant compass to help find the key to unlocking the time hole.  Grab your goggles and Travel through the time wall into the future.  Meet the Timekeeper and conduct experiments to […]

The Ultimate Christmas Party

February 19, 2015

Have an amazing party this Christmas together with Santa, Head Elf and the Christmas Fairy. With Head Elf putting the factory on strike and the Christmas Fairy forever falling off the Christmas tree how on earth is Santa going to pull it all together this year? This interactive Christmas experience invites families to celebrate through an […]

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