10 Top Tips for running a virtual birthday party at home

March 31, 2020 by TDLP

Times are tough for families spending so much time at home but Birthdays still need celebrating! Especially if you are a kid. TDLP are here to help and you can do this!

Below you can find 10 Top Tips for DIY. If you need further support or you want any help organising virtual parties, contact us! We can support with:

  • Party Planning – a fun design meeting to brainstorm your party theme, party games and how to prepare
  • Party Design – a bespoke party plan you can deliver
  • Party Hosting – a storyteller will host your virtual bespoke party

1. Sharing App
Select your video sharing app of choice well in advance and include how to download this in your invitation.

2. Guests
Don’t be over ambitious with inviting too many guests. Keep it under 10 so it is fun and everyone can hear.

3. Theme
Decide on a theme for your party. Treasure hunt around the house and gather everything that goes with this theme. Use books to inspire stories, games and quizzes. Gather craft resources you have at home.

4. Party Games
Brainstorm your favourite party games. Charades, Musical Statues, Bingo all work well.
How can you link the games to your theme?

5. Craft
What can you make from simple household objects that your guests might also have? Link the craft to your theme by creating a themed prop.

6. Backdrop
Create your backdrop! A piece of fabric, a bedsheet, a giant painting. Try not to have too busy a background or a blank wall behind you. Ideally face your computer away from the window, this way you will get better lighting. You can create a virtual backdrop under ZOOM preferences, including using a photo of your own. Remember to do a test run.

7. Make a playlist
Make a playlist of favourite songs linked to your theme and have them on a good stereo or play through your computer. Choose the best time to use music as having it on all the time will affect concentration and being able to hear. Its good to have a soundscape to create an atmosphere, a fun song to put on when you are treasure hunting or crafting but not needing to speak and some of your favourite dance tunes for a dance off.

8. Cake time
Plan your cake or how you want to sing happy birthday. The TDLP “make a cake challenge” from what you can find around the house means everyone can join in! Don’t forget to ask everyone to find a birthday candle and a parent with a match to light in your invitation.

9. Invitations
As well as the normal date and time include what online platform you are using and a link to download.
Include information on things your guests will need: DRESSING UP, CRAFT, GAMES and the infamous TDLP Birthday Cake challenge.

10. Running your party
Do a practice run and work out who is running what game. When planning your activities keep them simple and have stages you can build in if it’s going well. If everyone is enjoying, play it again and again.
Keep the energy flowing and don’t worry if a guest has technical issues they will sort them out and join when they can.You need to keep the party alive!

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