At TDLP we work closely with commissioners to create enjoyable and lasting experiences for families with young children, wherever they find us. We do this in a variety of ways, from shows to workshops to interactive installations and more. We work with a wide range of venues and partners and are always excited to hear from new commissioners.

Theatres & unusual spaces

We work with theatres to engage families with young children in new ways. Our fully interactive shows are custom-written for your venue to ensure that every TDLP experience engages our audience both emotionally and physically. We’ll create a new concept just for you or adapt one of our established shows to suit your requirements.

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We help museums bring their collections alive for their young visitors. Through song, movement, storytelling and creative activities we help families enjoy lasting learning and excitement as they explore your museum.

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Schools & libraries

We believe that creative play, music and movement are important parts of a young child’s learning experience. We work with schools and libraries to help children explore new ways of learning.

Writer’s Block: a storytelling adventure told from a giant book. Using books, pictures, household objects, games with word blocks and story maps, children, families and staff are introduced to inspiring new ways to start, structure and share stories.

Themed Interactive Installations and performances like Extreme Water Weather or What is Time?.

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Festivals & outdoor events

We often custom-write for festivals, outdoor events, shopping centres and gardens. Everything from single storytellers to organising treasure hunts, processions, tea parties and pyjama parties.

A secret party for Mayor of London

Halloween for Hillyfields Park

Storytelling in The Vaults with Big Fish, Little Fish

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Visits from our Tooth Fairy and Toilet Training Sailor support settings to improve independence and readiness for school through playfully encouraging healthier routines at home and nursery. Our playful approach and quality resources equip families and settings to approach personal care in new and fun ways, often improving communication between families, home and settings.

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