The Ultimate Christmas Party

February 19, 2015 by TDLP

Have an amazing party this Christmas together with Santa, Head Elf and the Christmas Fairy.

With Head Elf putting the factory on strike and the Christmas Fairy forever falling off the Christmas tree how on earth is Santa going to pull it all together this year?


This interactive Christmas experience invites families to celebrate through an unforgettable party with singing, hip hop and hoedowns and a once in a lifetime opportunity to ask Santa any questions you like. Can you help Santa and Head Elf get that Fairy back up the tree and the elf factory up and running in time for Christmas?


This family Christmas show is one you won’t want to miss!

Previously performed at:
Stratford Circus Arts Centre

Been involved in the Christmas party?  We would love to hear about your adventures after taking part in a TDLP event. Upload your pictures and adventures below or let us know on facebook.

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2014 Christmas Cast:

Santa: Frank Wilson

Head Elf: Sally-Anne Donaldson
Christmas Fairy: Marit Vestby
Elves: Grethe Jensen, Sarah Walker-Down, Elodie Ancel,
Musicians: Miguel Gorodi, Lucy Shaw

Design Team:
Set: Elodie Ancel
Sound: Jay Harris
Composer: Lucy Shaw
Creative Director: Sally-Anne Donaldson

Photography by Ilona Wojcik & Elle Fallon

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