Extreme Water

June 02, 2015 by TDLP

TDLP are excited to celebrate Vicarage Primary School’s community event ‘One World, Our World’ with our extremely splashing water experience.


An interactive adventure through sound, movement and water activity. Explore the water cycle with the ‘Water-Sperts’.

All of Reception and Year One joined TDLP on a mission to kick-start the water cycle by carrying ice to the top of the mountain. On route they are bombarded with all kinds of extreme water weather from all over the world. Can they make it before the ice melts? With three interactive performers, live music and sound mixing by DJ Freeze.


Would you like a TDLP experience at your school or nursery? Contact sally@tdlp.co.uk or 07817176018 to book.

Looking for something special for your nursery? Why not take a look up Creative Homes. A visit from the Tooth Fairy or Toilet Sailor is proving popular.



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