Pyjama Party

February 06, 2017

A creative, interactive experience exploring bedtime. Bath, brush, bounce, bed! It’s the new bedtime routine with a difference. Bring your pyjamas, your slippers and your favourite teddy for an exciting adventure in our oversized bedroom full of duvets, pillows and feathers!After acrobatic bed-bouncing get ready for the magical story of the Moth and the Moon […]

Christmas Party

September 25, 2016

Have an amazing party this Christmas together with Santa, Head Elf and the Christmas Fairy. Book your Christams party, contact us. With Head Elf putting the factory on strike and the Christmas Fairy forever falling off the Christmas tree how on earth is Santa going to pull it all together this year? This interactive Christmas experience […]


December 11, 2015

This Autumn TDLP palaeontologists, Sam and Abi, took families on a dinosaur adventure at Watermans arts centre.   A Dinosaur world landed in Watermans cafe with erupting volcanoes, dark caves, rushing waterfalls and fossils dating back millions of years.  There was so much to learn from dinosaurs – they survived some of the most extreme conditions! […]

It’s A-MAZE-IN Under the Sea

September 05, 2015

Shipwrecked and covered in seaweed the deep sea divers prepare to dive down deep to discover new treasure.  But it’s like a MAZE down there. Beyond the shores there lies an underwater maze of magical encounters with salty mermaids and slimy octopi, jellyfish and seaweed tunnels. Families dive down deep with the divers on an […]

Willow Pattern

February 19, 2015

There was once a Mandarin who had a beautiful daughter, Koong-se. They lived in a palace with a beautiful garden. Koong-se fell in love with the Mandarin’s secretary, Chang. The Mandarin was very angry and banished Chang from the palace. He built a fence round the garden to separate them. The Mandarin announced that Koong-se […]

Wrap around activities

February 18, 2015

As well as our full shows and events, we also offer activities to support events run by other organisations. TDLP wrap around activities help engage families further with an event, show or exhibition through creative activities. We give children the opportunity to get hands on and take part in a session of making that lets them […]

The World Beyond the Wardrobe

March 23, 2016

A Narnia-inspired interactive experience for families, The World Beyond the Wardrobe is full of chills, mystery and magic. Your challenge: to bring colour back into this forever snowy world in time for Christmas.  Expect to find yourself strolling through a winter forest, drinking tea with a faun, disguising yourself to creep past the White Queen […]

Arts Cafe at Polka Theatre

February 11, 2015

We give everyone a warm welcome in our Arts Cafe! This is the only cafe in town that serves art instead of food! An interactive story and workshop that explores sound, rhythm, movement and making, all drawn together for dessert: story time. Every workshop encourages families to explore a new sound and theme, helping to […]

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